Playlist 5 october

Thanks to Becky Jamieson and Miriam Hall for coming to the studio today and reading from their work.

amiri baraka, freedom suite

anne sexton, some foreign letters

becky jamieson, a september poem that will knock you in the face

becky jamieson, burnie’s rock shop

becky jamieson, dia de los muertes

charles bernstein, soul under

claude mckay, if we must die

ezra pound, canto 51

kelly gilbreath, U.S. U.S.

miriam hall, as of yet untitled

miriam hall, color

miriam hall, you never listen to me

stephanie gottlieb, tips for girls

william s. burroughs, twilight’s last gleamings



chas smith, uncovered the nest, gate

david ochs, unfolding

michael stearns, morning

WordSalad theme: jocelyn pook, yellow fever psalm


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