Poetry at the speed of light

You’ve heard the expression, “First thought, best thought.” Jeremy Hayward tells us that “First thought is best thought because it has not yet got covered over by all our opinions and interpretations, our hopes and fears, our likes and dislikes. It is direct perception of the world as it is.” Ken Gordon loves improvisation and admires Keith Jarrett, who can improvise an entire evening’s concert at the piano. In fact, he looks up to all improvisers — “the artists, musicians, comedians, and writers whose compositions seem to erupt fully realized from the mind or mouth or instrument.” So he has created a place where writers can perform and we can watch. I was alerted to his QuickMuse project via (of all places) the business magazine Fast Company. Gordon aims for QuickMuse to “bring readers closer to the moment of composition than they have ever been before.” A “playback” feature lets you watch the poems unfold, second by second. Go to the archives and watch the magic happen.


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